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Whether you want to spice up a room with new home decor, customize your electronic device or are looking for unique gifts, my Society6 shop has all of that and much more HERE.

To purchase an ORIGINAL mixed media, fine art portrait  (visit my portraits tab to choose from over 200 portraits) then email me through my contact page. 

Prices - $300 - $500

Sizes - 12x12 / 11x14 inch

Travis' portraits combine elements of both his music posters and abstract work.  These portraits are the culmination of years of developing and refining this technique.  His style is extraordinary in part because his process is so unique and involved.  This process includes:

- Creating hundreds of acrylic & watercolor abstract textured paintings 

- Scanning the paintings and reworking them digitally 

- Printing these abstract pieces

- Painting a thin acrylic wash over the top of the print

- Drawing a detailed portrait with pen & ink

- Using Inktense to improve contrast of value and enhance colors

If you like how it looks on your device, you'll love how it looks on your wall!

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