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Kickstarter - More Kick Than Starter

Back in 2013 I built my first Kickstarter campaign.... It failed miserably. I was only pledged $2,868 of my $10,000 goal. I could tell 2 weeks into it that it wasn't going to be funded. At the time I lost some sleep over it but since then I've been able to see the silver lining in the whole ordeal. In this post I won't go into great detail about why I think it failed other than to say I over complicated things and didn't effectively network or market myself.

One of the silver linings was that I created 39 promotional posters for the campaign that I posted to my social media. Even though these posters were mostly thrown together through playful experimentation, I discovered some visually interesting combinations that have lead me down some artistic paths that I otherwise would have never ventured. Here are some of those creations.

Freaks Of Music Unite

Rock n Rollers Collaged 1

In The Beatles Box

Thom Yorke

The Jimmies Ride On!

Classic Rockers

Dead Man Rockin

Woke up This Morning and Found Myself Riding a Unicorn

Rock n Rollers Collaged 2

Spaceboy & The Man In The Moon

Bob & Bob

Dave Grohl

The Fab Four Remixed

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